SMC 2015

/ Store Manager Conference Graphic Design

BRIEF  |  The SMC ( Store Manager Conference ) is the biggest annual event for all the store managers working for Old Navy stores. The unique thing about this year's event was that it was first one that had Old Navy's international managers come to it from China, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. The SMC provided training, recognition, and team building for all store managers. This year, SMC wa held in Orlando, Florida for 4 days and there were over 1300 attendees from all over the world. I was involved to design graphics elements this project needed such as door hearders, presentation template, kiosk design, lanyard, and stage design.

APPROACH  |  This event should've inspired store managers from across the globe  and show the best of Old Navy. It needed to created immersive and cohesive experience inspired by the 2015 Spring Road Trip marketing campaign. It had to be simple, focused, engage attendees through variety of experiences, promote Old Navy's values; fashion, value, family, fun, americana, and evoke the brand voice. The color combinations were used to make more various versions.




DESIGN  |  Tanya Bookman, Emperatriz Herrera, Ashely Ng, Sinae Kim