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/ Logitech Gaming Products Package Design

BRIEF | This project is a collaboration with the company, Logitech, to redesign its package system, especially product lines in the game department. Although Logitech is well-known for office electronics, it also wants to excel in game product packaging as well. This project was completed by 6 individuals working together in a group. 

APPROACH |  After much market research and interviews with people in the game industry, our team aimed to create new packages that would be interesting to gamers at first sight. The conceptual design keywords are nerd rage, bold, hardcore and impact. Use of technological graphics, typographic details, and colors like black, grey, red and yellow will be more memorable to customers as well as stand out in marketplace.

TEAM A |  Cody Maemori, Kuang-Chih Cheng, Sabrina Shan Zheng, Bobbi Jo, Lynn Nguyen, and Sinae Kim